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Welcome to Shirt Happens

We are Shirt Happens. A one in a million T-shirt brand. We know. Would you believe us, if we said we are different and one-of-a-kind? Probably not. But what if we said that we are as unique as each and every face out there?

Your face tells a story

It is the part that makes you you. Why not share it with a stranger? Upload your photo and get somebody else’s on your shirt in return. Somebody from potentially anywhere in the world. And the best part? There will only be one T-shirt like yours out there. Making it as unique as your face.

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Fill out this form with your details.



Take a picture of your face and upload it. Our algorithms will check the photo.



Simply pay and your t-shirt will be posted in the mail.

Get a picture from anyone, anywhere.

Being part of Shirt Happens doesn’t only mean owning a shirt. It means accepting yourself and people you haven’t met yet. It means creating your own story and sharing it with others. It means being part of a global community.


Kiran Arokiasamy

Charlotte Pärt

Sunny Ratilal

Kathi Binder

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